James Rays Gangwar

James Ray has appeared in 8 albums as far as I know.  They start with a very simple format, little more than a drum beat and his voice and gradually progress to full-blown techno albums.  The lyrics have been figured out by listening over and over, so if there are any errors, it's all my fault! 

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Sisterhood - Gift

Created by Andrew Eldritch (of the Sisters of Mercy) in response to legal problems he was having with ex-members of his band (later to become the Mission).  James Ray was brought in as Eldritch was unable to sing because of legal restrictions.  Many people (mainly Sisters of Mercy fans!) think this is really Andrew Eldritch, but they are wrong!  Andrew Eldritch has done his own version of 'Colours', available on the CD version of Floodland.

James Ray and the Performance - A New Kind of Assassin

James Ray's first album on his own, although the Eldritch influence is still here, as he produces three of the tracks.  In my opinion, the best song on this album is Edie Sedgwick.  Edie, I am told, was one of Andy Warhol's actresses in the 60's who ended up dying of a drugs overdose.

James Rays Gangwar - Dios Esta De Nuestro Lado

A much more aggressive album.  The title means 'God is on our side' (Thanks to Clif Duhn for the translation).

James Rays Gangwar - Third Generation

Onto the techno stuff.

The Best Of James Ray And The Performance And Gangwar

I don't have this, but I've heard that it's just songs from A New Kind of Assassin and Dios Esta De Nuestro Lado.

MK Ultra - This is This

Very similar in style to Third Generation.  Especially the first song 'Regeneration' which is a remix of Third Generation.

MK Ultra - Beluga Pop

Gone even more into the techno music - this consists of samples on a strong backbeat. Very effective.

James Rays Gangwar - Psychodalek

His most recent album.  In my opinion, not quite as good as the rest, but still excellent, and it might grow on me anyway.  It is let down by the poor rendition of Edie by some woman called Tamsin.  I loved the original, but this just doesn't do it justice.


All the singles James Ray has released. This includes several excellent songs not available on album releases, such as Another Million Dollars and Destination Assassination.


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